Sunday, December 11, 2005


Welcome, Willkommen, Privyet, etc.

Yes, I admit it: this blog was created for the primary purpose of promoting my novels, Children and Fools: A Twisted Tale of the Vienna Woods, available from Elderberry Press (, and my latest, the ultra-hilarious and thought-provoking and WEIRDLY titled Wonderboy and the Black Hole of Nixvy Veck, which is available from Booksurge LLC ( If shameless self-promotion is among the worst things people will say about me when I'm gone, then I think I'll have done all right in life.

But I'll not limit myself merely to that, brain-hemorragingly funny though you will surely find my novels to be. (Both, by the way, are available on Amazon (, at incredibly low prices, so GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!)

Among other topics, I'll proffer my take on life, politics, intelligent design theory (it's not, as the naturalists among us so hysterically claim, mere pseudoscientific pretension masquerading itself as science, but a bona fide area of research identifying the characteristics of intelligent agency), and any other topics that strike my fancy.

I'll try to bear in mind the adage coined by folksy philospher and professional curmudgeon Dennis Miller: Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

To which I'll add an adage of my own: But I'm right much more often than wrong.

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